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  This is the new and improved blog of  The Lonesome Peanut New blog posts will be arriving once (usually in the middle of) a month I will also create webcomics from time to time This content is handcrafted to (hopefully) be enjoyed by any & all Please note:  Maximum enjoyment is possible the more familiar you are with whatever the blog post is based upon. I drop  easter eggs in each post I make. The various things I link to (the clickable blue text) can also add more flavour to what I'm trying to convey. Thanks for stopping by! - Phil
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Monster Hunter: A Slight Obsession

Prologue     Do you ever watch a thing that stirs something inside you? Well I just did, and seeing someone be so creative at such a young age has given me pause to reflect on my own creativity. I originally started this blog just over 10 years ago. Nothing too special happened with it. I didn't secretly become famous or go viral. It stands now as a time capsule, a moment in my history where I thought I had something to say about the world I was living in. I was so naive. I still am.     Different experiences in my life have chipped away at the bubble we are sometimes raised in. I've come from a pretty stable home, with parents that love me and a brother I still get along with. While some few might not think of my life as ideal, I am certainly more fortunate than most. Everyone's lives are different and every person on this Earth is of worth. The decisions we make matter. The consequences of those choices matter. Not all choice is equal. I spent (literally) 1000's of h

This month's article: THE

     A word that holds so much power, when used properly it carries with it a weight that is definitive, authentic, absolute and unique. Today, I'm writing about: Stars claim themselves to be worthy of namesake, by which many may be known, defining themselves to be one and only.      We use it to assert ourselves as the only person or thing with that name that anyone should bother knowing. The Age. The Far Side. The Fray. The Lonesome Peanut. The Mandalorian. The Muppets. The Queen. The Reject Shop. The Royal Tenenbaums. The Simpsons. The Witcher. The list goes on and on...      Is there only one Queen? How many other  The Queens  do you know? Perhaps it stands as a reminder of how redundant a monarchy is in today's world. Truth is absolute, bedrock that cannot budge under any and all burden. Lies are as grains that litter the shore, built over and over they are washed away by even the soundest sea. The Truth vs a lie      Anyone can tell any lie. There is only ever one truth.

10 Things I Hate About CoComelon

TL:DR I hate the way it teaches me And the shape of JJ's hair I hate the way they wash the car I hate Cody's cool dude stare I hate the way I tap my boots As the tunes stick in my mind I hate it so much that it makes me sick I watch it all the time I hate the way it's so polite I hate Miss Apple - B - E - double R - Y I hate it when it makes me laugh Even worse when it makes me cry I hate how the wheels on the bus go round And 'Hello?' from the doctor's call But mostly I hate the way I don't hate it Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all. TS:PR (Too Short: Please Rant)     I love CoComelon . It's pleasant enough that I can ignore it whilst doing other things, but detailed enough that when I find myself paying attention, I never completely feel like I'm wasting my time. If you haven't read my previous post , some clarification may be in order. I have a (now) 9 month old son. He is obsessed with this show and as a result, so am I. T